Events 2022

New Acousmatic Work

11/2022 - (World Premiere)

Commissioned by Codes D'Accès

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Different Same

10/2022 - (World Premiere)

Commissioned by the ACTOR Project

As part of Space As Timbre (SAT) research-creation project (McGill University, UCSD, and UC Berkeley)

To be Conducted by Charles-Eric Fontaine

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For it is Our First Universe


Commissioned by Zaira Castillo

To be performed by EDME Ensemble

As part of Eugene New Music Festival

New Zone Gallery - Eugene, Oregon, United States

Presentation of As Close As Breath and Musicians Auditory Perception Project at IRCAM forum 2022

09/29/2022 – 10/03/2022

New York University - New York, New York, United States

Reaching for the Unreachable Point of Desire


ACTOR Project CORE Ensemble, conducted by Charles-Eric Fontaine

Schulich School of Music, Music Multimedia Room - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

New Work for Solo Viola (cancelled)

06/2022 - (World Premiere)

Commissioned by Elizabeth Boyce

Viola (Elizabeth Boyce)

As part of the 2022 American Viola Society Festival and the 47th International Viola Congress

Columbus State University - Georgia, United States

For it is Our First Universe


Commissioned by Zaira Castillo

Piano (Zaira Castillo) and Electronics (Pedram Diba)

Edge Recital Hall - Athens, Georgia, United States

IV CIRMMT-ACTOR Symposium on Orchestration Research


Presentation of Musicians Auditory Perception (MAP) Research-Creation Project

Shahrokh Yadegari (UCSD), Jeanne Côté (McGill University), Pedram Diba (McGill University), Min Seok Peter Ko (UCSD), Sang Song (UCSD), Berk Schneider (UCSD), Tiange Zhou (UCSD), and Florian Grond (McGill University)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada