Reaching for the Unreachable Point of Desire, for mixed quartet (2020)

Written for the CORE Ensemble of Actor Project (

for violin, vibraphone, trombone, and bass clarinet


Violin: Jeanne Côté

Percussion: Martin D'aigle

Trombone: Eric Bourgeois

Bass Clarinet: Matias Perinetti-Paniagua

Conducted by Charles-Eric Fontaine


Audio: Yangwanqing Zhou, Ying-Ying Zhang & Martha DeFrancisco

Video: Jonathan Cortes


Special Thanks to the Actor Project, CIRMMT, Stephen McAdams (Executive Producer), Guillaume Bourgogne (Conductor), Ryan Cass (Trombone), and Elia Foster (Bass Clarinet) for their essential feedback during the experimentation and realization of this project.


The Composer-Performer Orchestration Research Ensemble (CORE) is an ACTOR project in which student composers and performers explore matters of orchestration through a collaborative research-creation process. The process is documented throughout to allow examination of the creative and pedagogical aspects of the project, creating rich data useful for a variety of research disciplines.

Analysis of Reaching for the Unreachable Point of Desire

at NOVA Contemporary Music Meeting 2021

NOVA Contemporary Music Meeting 2nd Edition - "Music Performance as Creation"

NOVA University Research Centers Location in Campolide Campus - Lisbon, Portuga

Analyzed and Presented by Joshua Rosner, Stephen McAdams, Robert Hasegawa,

and Yuval Adler.


New Music Gathering 2018

contraBAND Ensemble: Boston Conservotory at Berklee's Contemporary Music Ensemble

Directed by Sarah Brady